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Blogger / Blogspot Setting

How to setting your blog at blogger / blogspot :

- First Login to
- If your blog more than 1, click at the blog title want to setting.
- Click Setting and then click Basic. Several form that must in the contents to the menu basic:
  • Title : Content with your blog title. Example : Blog Tutorial.
  • Description : Content with your description blog. Example : All about blogging can find here.
  • Add your blog to our listing : chose Yes, so that every time posting always entered the list.
  • Show Quick Editing on your blog : Chose Yes.
  • Show Email post link : It is best to chose Yes, but if you chose No also it's allright.
  • Show compose Mode for all your blog : Chose Yes.
  • Show transliteration button for your post : chose Yes if the you wanted to be button to change normally alphabet to hindi (India) alphabet, Chose No if being the reverse.
  • Click Save Settings.
  • Finish.
- Click Publishing to arrange the publishing menu.
  • Blog’Spot Address : Content with your blog address. Example : kolom-tutorial.
  • Send Pings : Chose Yes.
  • Click Save Settings.
  • Finish.
- Click Formatting to arrange the formatting menu.
  • Show : Chose the number of post want you to display in your blog. Example : Show : 6 post, it's means your posting will display in your page Totally six posting. Chose Post (don't days) at pulldown menu
  • Date header Format : Chose the style of date/month what you wanted, this date/month will display above your post.
  • Archive Index Date Format : Chose the style for your archive
  • Timestamp Format : Chose the style of the time, what you wanted.
  • Time Zone : Chose the matching zone with your place. Example for WIB : [UTC+7.00] jakarta.
  • Language : Chose language what you wanted.
  • Convert line break : Chose Yes, but if you chose No it's allright.
  • Show Link Field : Chose No, but if you chose Yes it's allright.
  • Enable Float aligment : Chose Yes, but if you chose No it's allright.Click Save Settings.
  • Finish.
- Click Comment to arrange the Comment menu.
  • Comments : Chose Show.
  • Who Comment? Chose Anyone. It's means anyone can comment to your post.
  • Comments Default for Post : Chose New post Have Comments
  • Back links : Chose Show. It's means you will know if another people has linked to your post.
  • Backlinks default for Posts : Chose New post have Backlinks.
  • Show comments in a popup window? : Chose Yes. It's means when the people click Comment link your blog not lost.
  • Show word verification for comments? : It's better to chose Yes
  • Enable comment moderation? : Chose No, but if you wanted chose Yes it's allright.
  • Show profile images on comments? : Chose Yes. It's means the photo of commentator of blogger member can display.
  • Comment Notification Address : Content with your email address.
  • Finish.
- Click ARCHIVING to arrange the archiving menu.
  • Archive Frequency : Chose monthly.
  • Enable Post Pages? : Chose Yes.
  • Finish.
- Click Site Feed.
  • Publish Site Feed : Chose Yes.
  • Descriptions : Chose Full
  • Article Footer : If you have advertising code like Google Adsense, you can insert the code here.
  • Finish.


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